monkiebasket (monkiebasket) wrote,

You know what?

I havent had a very good day. But, I have downloaded a song that makes me smile, and it'll prob be completely played to death on the radio, but ne'ermind.

what bugs me though, is that i heard it on the radio this morning, and then tried very carefully to listen to the talking at the end to hear who it was by, at which point my mum decided to start talking. Have just spent the last half hour or so listening to various bits of the chris moyle show on radio1 iplayer, just to find the bit with this song in the hope that they actually told me what i wanted to know.

turns out they did, just in typical mum fashion she chose that moment to start talking to me. sigh.

on the plus side, i did find the title/artist of the song, and now i can listen to it at my leisure. brillo.
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