monkiebasket (monkiebasket) wrote,

Forbidden Planet..

..are complete cunts.

The FINAL and LAST EVER edition of Y:The last man, is due for release this month. In fact, i'm pretty sure it should have been released by now.

Anyways, forbidden planet told me it was june 26th. I pre-ordered it on june 14th, all ready and excited for my first real dose of comic geekdom in a while. Long story short, 2 weeks after the released date and my order status remaining on 'processing' (further investigation revealed a detailed explanation of 'processing' to mean 'your order is being processed'. no shit.) I phoned their London store, tottenham court road, or where ever the hell it is, only to be told that actually the website was wrong, it was being released 26th july, and that it had already been pushed forward to that date anyway.

so here we are, at the 29th of July, and I am distinctly lacking in comic. Forbidden Planet I curse you.

Gonna do me some research and then consider making an angry phone call again at lunch tomorrow.

On the plus side, I decided to postpone seeing the dark knight until friday, when i can go with the beard at the imax. it better be worth it. or i'll get you beardy. you and your blue panda car. AND, we're seeing meatloaf on saturday. yeah. Squee.
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