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Because I've decided forbidden planet are wankers, I've since ordered the last man from it was apparently released on the 25th of this month, OVER a month since the release date on the vertigo website (I'm aware is american and therefore the release date may vary, but they made me angry) besides, they have it in stock, and its £3 cheaper due to free postage and generally being a bit better.

Now, don't get me wrong, I love forbidden planet. But honestly, I think I'll avoid their online store. They don't tell you anything, and it looks like I have to actually phone up if I want to cancel my order.

On the plus side, with any luck I'll have issue 10 of the last man to read on the train on the way to visiting the beard, so he can then read it over the weekend :o)

Anyone else think the Alphabeat song (fancination?) sounds like a young Hanson? Just something I noticed at the gym the other day (Seems to be their song of choice atm)

ALthough listening to combichrist on the cross trainer very nearly killed me last week.

too much posting for one night, you people won't know whether you're coming or going at this rate.

mucho luff,
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