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My life in disjointed pieces

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4/8/08 08:21 pm - Stu's puppy,

Can i have him please?


he's called marley and i want to steal him. he's only 10 weeks old and he likes cuddles.

3/31/08 05:37 pm - Aww.

I want to hug a panda.

3/23/08 03:50 pm

I have to wait until June for the final Last Man graphic.

WTF Mate?

3/19/08 09:09 pm - Can i get a 'HELLS YEAH!'?

be jealous.

3/15/08 09:45 am - Fuck yes.

Maybe an impulse buy. but a fucking sexy one!

look at my beautiful new footware!!


3/5/08 08:53 pm

i hate facebook.

it has enabled people i'd much rather have lost contact with from school suddenly able to contact me.

'hi! omg! its been ages! how r u?!'

fuck off.

2/11/08 08:30 pm

I bought a dress for work just so's i can wear my boots.
It makes me look a little like a catholic school girl (the sexy kind of course)
it makes me wonder if its he kind of thing thats appropriate for work.

I think i'll wear it anyways. work needs a little sexing-up anyways.

2/10/08 06:25 pm

i'm angry.
was meant to go round lee's, dee lianne maccy joel chris s and chris l are all there, but there's not enough room for me. i was about to go round there and chris s called me to tell me. not even lee.

fucking cunts.

2/9/08 03:36 am

where the hell do these snowglobes come from?
who decided i collected them? and why do i need 6?>!?!

2/8/08 06:49 pm - He just couldn't live with himself any more...


Me n Chris are totally the coolest people I know.

Can't remember how to cut the image so it doesnt show up on here.
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